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In its 4th year, the South Bay Beer & Wine Festival has established itself the premier aggregator of approximately 90 top name craft beer breweries, fine wineries, and popular restaurants at a single festival. And this is what makes this event so special: the exciting ability to enjoy a huge variety of fascinating beers, wines and tasty food treats all in one place, on a special Sunday afternoon in May. It brings huge gate of attendees for an afternoon fun under the sun, supported by live music and a bevy of exhibiting artists to boot.

The South Bay Beer & Wine Festival is an event that brings participants from the greater Los Angeles area together in a truly fun and friendly social environment. And the best thing is that it is presented by volunteers so that 100% of the proceeds can be used Rotary Clubs of the South Bay area for a multitude of community outreach programs and projects. 

Download the forms here to learn more and get started in having your name associated with this exciting event.

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